The 3rd France Belgium Franchise Congress was a success

Franchising in AustraliaEvery year in Lille, France, a fair named “Salon Créer” is a success and visitors come from Northern France and Southern Belgium. One fourth of the exhibitors are franchisors.
I founded the Franchise Business Club in this fair in september 2011 but my consulting company has been a partner since the very beginning. We organize conferences, experts meetings, and so on.
In september 2018, our France Belgium Franchise Congress gathered 71 experts and franchisors to teach each other how to jump over the boarder. Participants asked us to organize a fourth Congress in September 2019 and we’ll probably do it with separate workshops for “Franchise Export Beginners” and “International Franchise Experts”.

Jean Samper
Founder of AC Franchise, Frankey International and Franchise Business Club
Franchise expert of the French Franchise Federation (FFF)
We are working in France, Belgium, Algeria and Tunisia.