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Your ‘group’ of expert at hand to help you export or import your franchise business model in an foreing country.

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Brouse through our "international franchise resources", choose your destination and find out how IFCN consultants can help you!

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Are you or you company in the franchise consultancy? Join our "knowledge tank" and help your clients develop their business internationally!

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Basic guidelines

International franchising can be a route to rapid, successful growth for companies seeking to expand their concept beyond local borders. Franchising is not only a dynamic and evolving method of expansion and business ownership,  but also and most importantly, it’s an ethical way to conduct business. Find out the “Franchising Guiding Principle” adopted by the International Franchise Association.

Our services

IFCN is a multi-national network consisting of franchise consultants that provide franchise consulting and franchisee recruiting (development) services worldwide in over 30 countries. Expanding internationally is not simple, but it is easier and safer with the right support!. We are focused on providing the solutions you need, rather than an off the shelf package …

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If you would like to become a Member of IFCN representing your country, we would love to hear from you! We are continually seeking to strengthen our international presence through a growing network of associates. To become an International Franchise Consultant Network member, you must be able to offer services at a highest level of quality.
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Why Choose IFCN

IFCN’s main function is to provide proactive and tailored international business consulting and development services to help avoid the pitfalls that can cost franchisors much time, effort and money. Contact with a local IFCN member provides an effective one-stop shop towards international development.

The benefits IFCN can provide to a franchisor that is interested in international development are numerous, including reputable local professional advice in foreign markets and access to their expertise and extensive contacts in the franchise industry, including investor relations, finance, legal, market research, recruitment and strategies for market development, all of which complement the in-house capabilities of the franchisor.

It means that the franchisor will have a ‘group’ of expert advisors at hand throughout the process and reduce the learning curve significantly, minimizing risk and increasing the chance to build a viable business model in a specific overseas territory.

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