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– Mr.Jean Samper


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If you plan to franchise in France and french speaking Africa

ABOUT Frankey International

Since 1989 the agency has helped French or Foreign companies attracted by over 45 years experience on the field in France and abroad. Since 2002 the Franchise Webportal we founded,, has become the best to produce qualified leads to franchisors. We sold in 2017 as we wanted to concentrate on :

A) FRANCHISE CONSULTING AND DEVELOPMENT for french and foreign franchisors.

  1. We find franchisees and master franchisees through franchise portals and all other ways to get good leads.
  2. Our team and partners (recruitment, real estate, development, marketing, management, digital) make possible to start from the very beginning.
  3. We have worked both for international groups (Carrefour supermarkets, Michelin tyres and auto centers, Yves Rocher, Midas, Norauto, Total, Orchestra, Cartridge World, Subway, Mango, Gocco, Mail Boxes etc , etc.) and for smaller companies with more limited resources.
  4. We work for CLDP (US government trade department) to developp franchising in african french speaking countries.


The Club is a Hub of experience, know-how and Networking. Everything is made to facilitate exchanges.
We organize seminars, conferences, trainings in France, Belgium, Tunisia, Algeria. is the only french speaking social network specially made for franchisors and franchise experts.



Over 45 years of experience in Franchising. Between 1975 and 1989, Jean Samper handled several operational departments within the oldest french franchising network. He successively worked in France and in the subsidiaries he created in Europe. He created his consulting company in 1989, the franchise portal in 2002 and Franchise Business Club in 2011. He co-founded IFCN. In 1991 he became a member of the college of experts of the French Franchise Federation.